The Parent Company Khurram Trading Co. was established in Nov. 1988 mainly as exporter of used marine spares. Soon after we started producing some components for marine machinery such as Oil Purifiers, Titanium Heat Exchanger Plates and Marine Pumps for export.

Reference Electrodes

Khurram Engineering Co. was established initially to produce components of ICCP Systems. Later as we gained experience, we started producing innovative Cathodic Protection Products and Complete Systems for Marine and Defense Industry.

Today we are the only Pakistani corrosion control company with a local manufacturing base and capability to provide one stop solutions for equipment and supplies for all Impressed Current Cathodic Protection related problems.

The Company is particularly strong in the field of custom-designing and manufacturing of ICCP products and complete ICCP Systems for retrofitting of Naval and Marine Vessels as well for Wharves and Piers at very economical cost.

For all potential users of ICCP Systems in Pakistan and the Gulf, Khurram Engineering Co. is the only Company in this area which is nearest to you with a manufacturing base and which can provide  after sales service also.

We can provide maintenance facilities for your ICCP Systems and equipment very cost affectively.

We can develop Cathodic Protection Solutions for all applications and environments, products and Cathodic Protection technologies. Our products are user friendly, based on their simplicity, reliability, packaging and cost.

Khurram Engineering Co. provides a complete range of Cathodic Protection materials which include :

Rectifiers, Anodes, Cables, Reference Electrodes, Portable Reference Electrodes, Instruments, components and Electronic Assemblies.


Slip RingAssembly
& Rudder Bonding
Power Supply Units
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