ICCP Anodes conduct DC Protective Current into the Seawater to maintain the Hull Potential at the correct level to prevent corrosion. We can supply Platanized Titanium Anodes, MMO Coated Anodes and High Silicon Cast Iron Tubular Anodes. The Anodes are available with capacities from 5A to 100A.

Systems are designed to suite the wetted surface area that has to be protected utilizing a current density to provide enough current to meet any potential coating failure. Systems are mounted in the engine room and the ship’s forward and aft compartments.
High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes are used for ICCP Corrosion resistance service. We can supply High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes with Metal moulds by chill casting. We can supply them in any dimensions or chemical compositions to your special requirements. These Anodes are also used for ICCP systems for Piers, Wharfs and Off Shore Installations.

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